Carpet Wool

NZ Greasy Wool

New Zealand wools are sought after for their combination of fine colour, cleanliness and superior handle.

Standard Wool (NZ) Ltd is based in Christchurch on New Zealand’s rugged and spectacular South Island. Here, a small but dedicated team specialise in buying, processing and supplying New Zealand carpet and slipe wools for a worldwide customer base reflecting a broad range of industries.

Wools procured by Standard Wool (NZ) undergo subjective hands-on testing by experienced company buyers prior to purchase, as well as rigorous independent quality control testing for yield, micron, colour and vegetable content, right through the scouring process.

Dealing directly with New Zealand’s private merchants and traditional ‘open cry’ auction system helps minimise the supply chain ‘pipeline’, enabling Standard Wool (NZ) to achieve highly competitive pricing while guaranteeing a fair deal for growers. Although the team can supply untreated greasy wool when required, the vast majority of customer orders are for wool that’s been processed by scouring companies chosen for their proximity to the wool itself – another factor which helps reduce the finished product’s overall cost.

Like every operation within the Standard Wool group of companies, Standard Wool (NZ) offers the same unbeatable combination of experience, expertise and professionalism, meaning customers enjoy great service as well as great products and prices.

Fine colour, cleanliness and superior handle.

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