Chilean Wool Tops Processing

Chilean Tops

We go to great lengths to bring you the finest wool tops. As far as the southern-most tip of Chile to be precise.

Thanks to our unique and highly successful operation in the Magallanes region of Chile, centred on Punta Arenas, we’re able to source, process and supply long tops, noil and high-grade wool grease for international customers representing a diverse range of textile-related industries.

Dealing directly with 450 of the region’s most reliable and experienced farmers and suppliers, our team in Chile enjoys unrivalled access to the finest wools at the best possible prices, and typically accounts for 60% of the country’s entire annual clip. Standard Wool’s long-standing relationship with Chilean producers also gives our team an added degree of influence and negotiating power – a real benefit when it comes to safeguarding product quality, stock reliability and keen pricing.

A favourite with knitwear manufacturers, tops from this region are chosen for their irresistible snow-white colour and highly desirable characteristics including length, consistency, bulk, high tensile strength and exceptional handle. Processed and stored using our own highly advanced, environmentally friendly facilities at Punta Arenas, the products we supply include Super Fleeces, Porvenir Fleeces and Natales with a range of 20 to 30 microns. We’re also able to supply Falkland Islands tops and scoured wool produced from 100% Falkland Islands farms. All our South American wool products are rigorously and continuously tested at our Interwoollab-approved laboratory within the Chilean processing facility.

Trading of Chilean ‘Punta’ tops is expertly handled by Jacomb Hoare & Co, a Yorkshire-based division of Standard Wool and one of the world’s oldest and most respected wool companies whose involvement in South American wool dates back to 1793.

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Dealing directly with 450 of the regionís most reliable and experienced farmers and suppliers.

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