Chilean Greasy Wool

Chilean Greasy Wool

From some of the most spectacular and rugged terrain comes some of the whitest fleece wool in the world.

Chilean sheep produce some of the whitest fleece wools in the world, along with many other desirable qualities. From our base in Punta Arenas in the heart of the Magallanes region of Chile, Jacomb Hoare/Standard Wool have been major force promoting Chilean Corriedale and Merino fleece wools worldwide for over 100 years.

By dealing directly with 450 of the region’s most reliable and experienced farmers and suppliers, our team in Chile enjoys unrivalled access to the best quality wools at the best possible prices, and typically accounts for the purchase of 60% of the country’s entire annual clip.

Standard Wool’s long-standing relationship with Chilean producers also gives our team an added degree of influence – a real benefit when it comes to safeguarding product quality, stock reliability and keen pricing.

Our team enjoys unrivalled access to the best quality wools.

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